Laboratory and drum pumps
The laboratory and drum pumps have proven
themselves for decades in the pump sector
and are suitable for most applications and
branches of industry.

Drum pumps
Eccentric screw pumps
Gentle and pulsation-free pumping of low to
highly viscous, thixotropic, gas-containing,
solid and fiber-containing, aggressive and
neutral media.

Eccentric screw pumps
Diaphragm pumps
are characterized by a high level of operational
reliability and their diversity. The air operated
diaphragm pumps can be used for almost all low
to highly viscous media.

Diaphragm pumps
Air operated pumps
The air operated motors of aluminium
are compactly built, explosion-proof
and in accordance with the latest
explosion protection guidelines.

Air operated pumps
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The personal and close contact with our customers, suppliers and representatives is also very important. Please visit us at numerous fairs and convince yourself of our products, the personal advice and the quality made in Germany.

For the production of our pumps, we have had our headquarters in Ottobrunn near Munich since March 2008. From there we already deliver to more than 70 countries worldwide.

Our quality standards and decades of experience in the industrial pump sector guarantee you the high quality of our pumps and the attractive price. Convince yourself of the advantages of the family company JESSBERGER.


Laboratory pumps, electric and air operated drum pumps, hand pumps, air operated diaphragm pumps, vertical centrifugal pumps, horizontal centrifugal pumps, container pumps, vertical and horizontal eccentric screw pumps, dosing pumps, filling systems, diesel pumps and an extensive range of accessories round our product range.

Drum pumps

Drum pumps have proven themselves for decades and are suitable for most applications.

Manual hand pumps

For safe and low cost emptying of containers and drums.

Laboratory pumps

Electric or air operated laboratory pumps made of PP, PVDF or Stainless steel.

Eccentric screw pumps

We offer a complete program for transferring high viscous or still flowable media.

Diaphragm pumps

are characterized by a high level of operational reliability and their diversity.

Diaphragm pumps

Air-operated double diaphragm pumps are flexible in application.

Horizontal centrifugal pumps JP-850

Especially suitable for high aggressive media like acids and alkalies.

Vertical centrifugal pumps JP-830

Especially suitable for high aggressive media like acids and alkalies.

centrifugal pumps

These horizontal centrifugal pumps are operated by a direct-drive motor

centrifugal pumps

Especially suitable for highly concentrated media in vertical application.

Small magnetic centrifugal pumps JP-860

The compact pumps are single stage, centrifugal impeller and magnetic drive pumps.

Magnetic centrifugal pump JP-860

The separation of liquid chamber/ atmosphere by means of an isolation.

Magnetic centrifugal pumps

Magnetic centrifugal pumps are magnetically coupled centrifugal pumps.

Diesel pumps

for refueling agricultural machinery, tractors, excavators, caterpillars, trucks, etc.

Flow meters

According to the measuring principle of the turbine wheel and oval wheel meter

Drum and cross-beam agitators

for mixing, homogenising, oils, juices, beverages and the like.

Volumetric filling system

Suitable for media with 2000 up to 6000 mPas.

Air operated pump system

Fuel or other substances must be pumped for safety.

Pump and filter system

Filtering of particles and foreign matter from different media.

Small filling plant

Filling and transferring thin to slightly viscous media from barrels at the push of a button.


Different pumps and systems according to the application and media.

Other industrial pumps

We always strive to offer you suitable pumps for your application.

Family company JESSBERGER pumps

The family-run company JESSBERGER headquartered in Ottobrunn near Munich is manufacturer of electric and pneumatic driven drum and container pumps, vertical and horizontal eccentric screw pumps, dosing pumps for high viscous media, hand operated pumps and a comprehensive range of accessories like flow meters, nozzles, etc. Air operated diaphragm pumps, horizontal centrifugal pumps (also available as magnetically coupled sealless centrifugal pumps) and vertical centrifugal pumps complete the delivery program beside further industrial pumps.

We help

Hand and drum pumps for filling, mixing and transferring of cleaning agents and disinfectants.

Our Top Seller

Hand pumps for safe and inexpensive emptying of drums and canisters.

Drum pumps for pumping thin fluids such as acids, alkalis, chemicals and mineral oil products.

News - pumps

News from the pump sector

We stand for numerous innovations and developments in various applications of the pump sector.

Fair dates

Every year we present the complete range of hand pumps, drum pumps, eccentric screw pumps, diaphragm pumps, etc. at many fairs.

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