Vertical centrifugal pump JP-820

Functional principle

The impeller is connected over the shaft with the direct-drive electric motor. It rotates at a preset speed and produces a centrifugal effect (suction on the inlet and discharge on the outlet).


Especially suitable for high aggressive media like acids and alkalies

These vertical centrifugal pumps are operated by a direct-drive motor (max. 3.000 rpm) and have high performance data regarding flow rate (6 to 75 m³/h) and head (7,5 to 38 m). They are especially suitable for a fast transfer of chemicals when emptying containers or tanks.

Centrifugal pumps of series JP-820 will be mainly used for fixed installations while the pump column is immersed directly in the tank. The special construction of these pumps avoids the use of internal mechanical seals (that often have to be replaced) and ensures that any leakages will be collected in the tank.

The open impeller allows even continuous pumping of extremely dirty liquids or media containing small solids. The maximum viscosity for these centrifugal pumps is 500 mPas (at 20°C) and the maximum temperature of the medium 65°C at PP or 95°C at PVDF.

The availability of different materials of construction – depending on chemical and thermal resistance of medium or environment – guarantees an absolute reliability of operation as well as a long life time of the pump.

The special advantages of vertical centrifugal pump

High chemical and thermal resistance.

Robust construction.

Suitability for continuous operation.

Weldless construction and therefore absolute reliability of operation.

Applicability even with extremely dirty liquids or media containing small solids.

Removing of motor even if pump is installed.

Availability of pump also without motor.

Quick and easy maintenance like replacement of bushings.

Inexpensive spare parts.