Electric or air operated laboratory pumps with pump tubes made of polypropylene (ø 25, 28 or 32 mm), Stainless steel 1.4571 (ø 28 or 32 mm) or PVDF (ø 32 mm).

Laboratory pumps are the economical and safe solution for filling and transferring small quantities of acids and alkalis.

With a weight of just 3 to 4 kg and easy use, the laboratory pumps can be applied to transfer smaller quantities of liquids.

The pumps have proven themselves in pharmacies, laboratories and the chemical trading as economic and safe solution when filling and transferring of acids and alkalies.


Pump tubes made of polypropylene with stainless steel drive shaft for neutral or slightly aggressive media or with hastelloy drive shaft for aggressive media such as acids and alkalies. Alternatively pump tube made of stainless steel 316Ti or PVDF.

Electric Motor JP-120/-140

230 Volt, 50 Hz, 250 Watt or 450 Watt, IP 24, alternatively 115 Volt, 60 Hz.

Air operated motor

300 Watt, max. operating pressure 6 bar. The speed can be controlled by compressed air supply.

Pump tubes PP, Stainless steel

For transferring small quantities of small opening containers and canisters.

Pump tubes PVDF

Pump tubes for transferring aggressive media.

Pump tubes PP, Stainless steel | Motor JP-120

Handy and easy transport due to the low total weight.

Pump tubes PP, Stainless steel | Motor JP-140

For transferring small quantities out of containers with narrow neck.

Pump tubes PVDF | Motor JP-140

The laboratory pump is made of highly resistant PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride).

Pump tube PP, Stainless steel | Air operated motor

Pump tubes made with hastelloy drive shafts.

Laboratory pump sets

are the perfect assistents for fast and safe filling.


Nozzles, adapters, pump hoses, storage support.

Electronic flowmeters

According to the principle of turbine and oval gear meters