Horizontal centrifugal pumps principle

The impeller is connected over the shaft with the direct-drive electric motor. It rotates at a preset speed and produces a centrifugal effect (suction on the inlet and discharge on the outlet).

Installation - Positive suction:

The centrifugal pumps should only be installed with the shaft positioned horizontally in a positive suction head arrangement. Suitable devices should be fitted to prevent dry running and the formation of a vortex and possible air suction. Running dry or with air bubbles can cause damage to the mechanical seal.

Installation JP-850

Horizontal centrifugal pumps

Horizontal centrifugal pump is especially suitable for high aggressive media like acids and alkalies.

The horizontal centrifugal pumps are high performance pumps operated by a direct-drive electric motor for fast fluid transfer and drainage with flow-rates from 6 to 40 m3/h.

The special semi-opened impeller design allows continuous pumping even with dirty fluids with apparent viscosity up to 500 mPas and small suspended solids.

The centrifugal pumps feature a solid pump casing and a lantern for connecting the electric motor and inspection of the mechanical seal.

The semi-opened impeller is fitted to the pump shaft that is integral with the drive shaft of the electric motor. The shaft mechanical seal is housed at the rear of the impeller.

Main features of horizontal centrifugal pump

Casing and impeller in PP and PVDF.

O-ring in EPDM and VITON.

Single mechanical seal.

Max. delivery head 25 mts.

Max. flow – Rate: 40 m3/h.

Temperature: from -20 °C to + 95 °C.

Max viscosity: 500 mPas

Electric motors from 0,37 Kw up to 5,5 Kw.

Specific Gravity up to 1.9.

Mechanical seal

The mechanical seal is designed with externally 100% virgin PTFE bellows for extreme corrosion resistance applications.

The entire seal assembly and component parts employ 
mechanical drive to prevent slippage on the shaft or sleeve.

Mechanical seal assembly is outside mounted and internally pressurized.

Main Features:
– Special design
– Anti-rotation
– High chemical design
– SiC/C/FPM/SS304
– Able to handle dirty fluid