DIESEL PUMP Protank 30

Diesel pump Protank 30
Diesel pump Protank 30 with automatic nozzle

for refilling of agricultural machinery, tractors, excavators, caterpillar, trucks, etc.; the pumps are not suitable for other media and therefore not for oils, gasoline or water.

Protank 25, non-self-priming pumps for diesel and heating oil of hazardous class A III in 230 V, 12 V or 24 V


• Wear-resistant, smooth-running centrifugal pump.

• Suction stage for manual pre-pumping or for emergency operation.

• Safety by means of integrated heel protection (outflow protection).

• Thermal fuse

• High flow rate at low weight.

• Suction hose length 1,6 m

• Suction filter F20/1

• Perbunan tubing with anti-kink spring.

• Standard nozzle ZP19 or automatic nozzle.

• 230 V: cable with Schuko plug.

• 12 V oder 24 V: cable with low-voltage plug.