DIESEL PUMP Protank 50

Diesel pump Protank 50

for refilling of agricultural machinery, tractors, excavators, caterpillar, trucks, etc.; the pumps are not suitable for other media and therefore not for oils, gasoline or water.

Protank 50, non-self-priming pumps for diesel and heating oil of hazardous class A III in 230 V, 12 V or 24 V, IP55


• Pump: Vane pump selfpriming with bypass valve.

• Construction: Robust design fulfilling the hardest tasks.

• Viscosity: medium / high.

• Siphon protection: Permanently effective, acc. to law.

• Delivery head: up to 6 m, up to 2 m self priming.

• Motor protection: Overload protection by a thermal circuit breaker, self-resetting.

• Handling: Discharge hose can be easily disassembled from pump.

• Material: Pump housing and impeller made of cast iron.

• Suction hose: Length 1,6 m, 1", with strainer.

• Discharge hose: Length 4 m, 1"

• Nozzle: Standard nozzle or automatic nozzle included in set.

• Flowmeter: Mechanical flowmeter as option depending on version, see program.

• Package: Non returnable package.