News from the pump sector

Participation in the GLS KlimaProtect program

Participation in the GLS KlimaProtect program

The pump manufacturer JESSBERGER took part in the GLS KlimaProtect program.

The responsibility for climate protection is becoming more and more important. The CO2 emissions caused by parcel transport are offset annually through certified projects. Investments are also being made in other measures.

Safe filling of highly concentrated media

Safe filling of small quantities of highly concentrated media

The pump manufacturer JESSBERGER has expanded its range to include a laboratory pump made of PVDF. With this chemical drum pump, small amounts of media containing chlorine and fluorine can be transferred easily, quickly and safely.

The demand for the production of this new laboratory pump came in particular from major customers from abroad and from customers in the areas of waste disposal, waste water and drinking water treatment, swimming pool water treatment, as well as the chemical trade and the electroplating industry.

Smart drum and container pump

A smart drum and container pump

What do a barrel pump and a smartphone have in common?

At ACHEMA we could introduce this innovation.

Inform yourself about the world’s first drum pump that implements the Industry 4.0 standard so that pumps can be interlinked in the future with state-of-the-art information and communication technology. The driving force behind the new development was the increasing digitization in society, which also influences the production.

The intelligent drum pump provides the user with all relevant operating data of the pump in real time and saves it. In addition the user can retrieve all product data sheets such as leaflets, spare parts lists, operating instructions and chemical resistance lists as well as the entire pump history at any time on the smartphone, tablet or laptop.

The user is thus enabled to closely monitor and archive the entire filling processes and pumps.

Drinking water hand pumps in Africa

Drinking water hand pumps in Africa

While over here is no need to worry about whether water is available for drinking 24 hours a day, there are regions in the world where clean drinking water is absolutely not self-evident.

The company JESSBERGER is very pleased that with its hand pumps – in cooperation with one of the most renowned companies in Germany – it has been able to help the everyday life of the people of Africa. In addition to bright children, the photo also demonstrates that hand pumps from JESSBERGER are very easy to use. These small projects the family company pursues with the same professionalism and passion as large industrial projects

The family-run company JESSBERGER from Ottobrunn is a manufacturer of electrical and air operated drum pumps, container pumps, laboratory pumps, vertical and horizontal eccentric screw pumps, high-viscous dosing pumps, filling systems, drum emptying plants with follower plate for non-flowable media. Air operated membrane pumps, vertical and horizontal centrifugal pumps, magnetic centrifugal pumps, as well as a comprehensive range of accessories complete the product range.

Acquisition in the field of pumps


In June 2016, our company made a first acquisition in the field of pumps and acquired the business and tools for the following hand pumps.

The hand pump enables precise dosing by short pressing the lever after air has been pumped into the canister or barrel.

Alternatively, the pump operates as a siphon pump with a flow rate of 20 l/min (with water) when the tap has been completely folded forward.