Laboratory pump tubes

Pump tubes made of polypropylene with stainless steel drive shaft for neutral or slightly aggressive media or with hastelloy drive shaft for aggressive media such as acids and alkalies. Alternatively pump tube made of stainless steel 316Ti.

Suction tube diameter at polypropylene 25, 28 or 32 mm; at stainless steel tubes 28 or 32 mm.

Standard suction tube lengths: 500, 700, 1,000 and 1,200 mm depending on the pump tube diameter (special lengths available).




Electric or air operated laboratory pumps with pump tubes made of Polypropylene (ø 25, 28 or 32 mm), Stainless steel 1.4571 (ø 28 or 32 mm) or PVDF (ø 32 mm).

The economic and safe solution for the filling and transferring of small quantities of neutral and aggressive media like acids and alkalies means JESSBERGER laboratory pumps.

With only 3 to 4 kg weight and easy operation laboratory pumps are used everywhere where the pumping of liquids out of small quantities is part of the daily business.

The pumps have proven themselves in pharmacies, laboratories and the chemical trading as economic and safe solution when filling and transferring of acids and alkalies.

The particular advantages

Designed for a safe and easy filling of low quantities out of narrow-necked containers and canisters.

Suitable for almost all thin fluid, neutral or corrosive media, but not for flammable liquids (for stainless steel pump tube ATEX is in preparation).

Handiness and good transportability due to the low weight.

The pumps are driven by universal motors or air operated motors.

Ergonomically designed handle of high-performance electric motor for single-handed operation.

Sealless pump tubes made of polypropylene (PP) and stainless steel 316Ti with acid and alkali-resistant shaft made of stainless steel or hastelloy 2,4610.

Optimal drum emptying through the availability of different suction tube lengths and suction tube diameters.

Hose connection included in delivery; for PP-pump tube with Ø 25 mm: hose connection ½”, for Ø 28 and 32 mm hose connection ¾”; for stainless steel pump tube for Ø 28 mm hose connection ¾”, for Ø 32 mm hose connection 1″.

Wide range of accessories as barrel and threaded adapters, media-resistant hoses, nozzles, wall hanger or flow meters available on request.

Quick disconnection of the drive from the pump tube through a few rotations.

Easy disassembling and easy cleaning of the pump tube.

Consistent modular system.