For transferring of different media

We present numerous innovations and developments for many different applications in the pump sector.

July 2021

Traverse for open drums and IBC`s

When removing media from an open 200 liter drum or 1000 liter IBC container with eccentric screw pumps, the use of a traverse offers a locking option for safe operation with optimal emptying.

June 2021

Compressed air maintenance unit

Compressed air maintenance unit in a complete set. Ideally suited for use with air operated motor JP-AIR1, -2, -3.

A compressed air maintenance unit filters the compressed air, catches dust, dirt or rust, regulates air and ensures lubrication.

This significantly improves the performance and service life of the air operated motors.

May 2021

Compressed air control unit

Compressed air control unit. Ideally suited for use with air operated diaphragm pumps.

The compressed air control unit filters the compressed air, catches dust, dirt or rust and regulates air.

This significantly improves the performance and service life of the air operated diaphragm pumps.

November 2020

Drum and cross beam agitators

Agitators are used for intensive mixing and dissolving processes for liquids of low to medium viscosity. Media can be mixed right in the IBCs or drums, avoiding the need for time-consuming pumping procedures. They are distinguished by their compact construction, high efficiency and their robustness during daily use.

April 2020

Drum pump with On/Off switch

Die Motoren dienen zum Antrieb von Fass- und Containerpumpen.

Die Elektromotoren JP-360 (230 Volt – 640 Watt) und JP-380 (230 Volt – 825 Watt) sind kompakte, nicht explosionsgeschützte, außenbelüftete Universalmotoren mit Schutzart IP 55 aus doppelwandigem Aluminium.

March 2019

Laboratory pumps of PVDF

The pump manufacturer JESSBERGER has expanded the program with a PVDF laboratory pump. Small quantities of chlorine- and fluorine-containing media can be transferred easily, quickly and safely with this chemical drum pump.

September 2017

New Ex-motors for drum pumps

The drives JP-440, JP-460, JP-480 are compactly built, robust explosion-proof universal motors that are built and approved in accordance with the latest explosion protection guidelines (ATEX 2014/34/EC) and IECEx.

November 2016

Small-filling plant

For easily filling of empty or partial filled containers. Also for foaming media. The filling control is done by a scale (0-30 kg, accuracy ± 20 g).

July 2016

Filling and transfer pump

In 2016 our company has made a first acquisition in the pump area and acquired the activities and tools for following hand pumps.

This hand pumps made of polypropylene, with a stainless steel spring (soon also in Hastelloy available) and seals of NBR, EPDM or FKM have already been very important products for our company in the last years.

February 2016

Oval gear meter ORZ-I

The oval gear meter with electronic counter has been designed to measure engine oils (gear box 5-50), gearbox oils (S.A.E. 80-240), transmission fluids, coolant fluids (ethylene, glycol), brake fluids and windscreen wipers. The meter is modular, cost-effective and robust with low weight.

March 2015

Drum pumps with integrated electronic speed control and soft start

The development of two completely new, modern and powerful universal motors has been completed by the drum pump manufacturer JESSBERGER these days.

The motors are used to drive drum and container pumps and have some properties that the user has been waiting for in practice.

The electric motors JP-360 (230 Volt – 640 Watt) and JP-380 (230 Volt – 825 Watt) are compact, non-explosion-protected, externally ventilated universal motors with protection class IP 55 in a shapely, double-walled aluminium casting

November 2014

Mobile drum emptying station with follower plate

Two weeks ago, we have delivered  to a large company in the field of contract filling a barrel emptying pump station with container pump and follower plate for pumping highly viscous silicone oils.

Although the customer already has more than 15 such systems in use, our engineers have designed a system, that has confident and enthusiastic all the bottler.

The already existing container emptying stations are therefore also to be converted for our pumps or controls or replaced completely.

Juli 2014

New drum pump motor 24 Volt.

The drum pump motor JP-164 is a compactly built, not explosion-proof, internally ventilated universal motor, that has proven itself for slightly viscous media as diesel in agricultural field and at fire brigades foaming agents.

The motor is supplied at the end of the 5 meter cable as standard with two battery poles. For use by firefighters, police or army a 2-pole plug in screw connection according to DIN 14690 can be mounted alternatively.

April 2014

Multi-component filling and dosing system

For dispensing of low-viscosity to medium viscosity media according to specified recipes a Multi-Component Filling and Dosing System was supplied that is based on the principle of own eccentric screw pumps and the different media can reliably and accurately be filled and dispensed.

  • Horizontal eccentric dosing screw pumps with gear motor.
  • Storage tank made of stainless steel, with sight glass, optionally with heating jacket available for warm water heating.
  • Frequency inverter (in central control cabinet).
  • Level indicator.
  • Control cabinet with digital display.
  • Central, password-protected control cabinet in a separate room.
  • Foot switch for starting the dosing.

March 2014

New pump- and laboratory pump motors with 250 and 450 Watt

The pump manufacturer JESSBERGER has presented two new laboratory and drum pump motors, which have a low weight (2 kg) and are characterized by their compactness. The motors are two internally ventilated, pump motors with protection class IP 24 in 250 watt (JP-120) and 450 watts (JP-140), which can be used both at normal pumping tubes with an external tube diameter of 41 mm and at the pumping tubes for the laboratory with an outer tube diameter of 25, 28 or 32 mm.

The universal motors are available with or without low voltage release and with a speed control option. The integrated low voltage release prevents uncontrolled pump start after a power failure or voltage drop, thereby ensuring optimum safety.

The speed control allows the user to adjust the capacity of the drum pumps to his individual needs. Both engines have a modern, ergonomically, user-friendly shape. In addition to an AC version in 230V, a version in 115 volt is available.

September 2013

Eccentric screw pump with follower plate for non-flowable media

Another special construction of the house JESSBERGER was delivered to a customer, how wanted to fill highly viscous media from 200 liter drums by means of a type lubrication gun with follower plate and a scale in small containers.

The solution proposed by our designers in the field of eccentric screw pumps presented is a stationary single-column barrel emptying plant with follower plate. This plant was designed for the almost complete emptying of medium to high viscosity and viscous media of cylindrical smooth wall or corrugated barrels with 200 liter capacity.

Mechanical Construction

  • Vertical Eccentric screw pump JP-700.25.2 with gear motor.
  • Follower plate made of stainless steel 1.4301 with sealing lip made of silicone rubber.
  • Clamping ring with stator cladding tube to coupling of the pump.
  • Hand-operated vent valve.
  • Pneumatically actuated vent valve.
  • Hand-operated vent valve, pneumatically actuated vent valve.
  • Base plate with lifting column made of stainless steel 1.43011.
  • Truck with pump carrying arm from stainless steel 1.43011
  • Double acting pneumatic cylinder, pneumatic control, cabinet with electrical control.

February 2013

Single-column barrel emptying plant with pump

One of the leading companies in the field of baby food produced daily vegetables, fruits and juices for babies and toddlers. A eccentric screw pump with a lifting device facilitates there now emptying numerous barrels of high viscosity tomato paste and especially the handling of the barrels.

Construction of the single-column barrel emptying plant made of stainless steel

  • Vertical eccentric screw pump in food version.
  • Wheeled truck with a movable boom.
  • Electrical control in a shapely steel control cabinet.
  • Pneumatic control in a separate switchbox.
Zapfpistole PP Nw 1

May 2012

New nozzle made of polypropylene and PVDF for easy filling

Housing and internal parts in polypropylene, valve seat and O-rings made of FPM or EPDM, spring in stainless steel 316Ti.

March 2012

Filling plant with manual supply of bottles and cups

At the customer‘s application thin to viscous media should be bottled by pressing a button and on a gram exactly in manually supplied container, so that in view of the EU pre-packaging directive repeatable dosing had to be absolutely sure.

Our technicians have developed based on the principle of our eccentric screw pumps another filling plant with a funnel-shaped storage container for dosing in bottles, cups or cans.

Advantages of filling plant

  • High dosing accuracy.
  • Gentle product transport.
  • No dripping, return delivery possible.
  • Stepless flow adjustment.
  • Easy to clean, CIP as an option.
  • Easy to disassemble.
  • Product contact parts according to FDA.