The mobile system can be used to filter and pump particles and foreign matter from various chemicals and dyes.

• In the paint and varnish industry, numerous inks, varnish and paints of different consistencies and viscosities are produced and processed. Mistakes in filling and decanting due to the use of unsuitable pumps and systems can quickly destroy the quality requirements. Impurities and smallest particles in the manufacturing process jeopardize the desired success.

• Depending on the consistency, particles and viscosity of the media, different fine or coarse filter elements are used to remove dirt and dust particles.

• Certain filter elements have established themselves for suitable types of paint and varnish. For example, coarser sieves with 280 micron filter elements are usually used for high-viscosity paints, while metallic paints should be filtered with a maximum of 190 microns, since even the metal particles would be lost with a finer filter.

• For such applications, JESSBERGER offers its customers a mobile pump and filter system with a flexible filter system. The mobile unit consists of a air operated double membrane pump and a 32 inch metal filter system made of stainless steel with a metal inner basket and 40 micron filter bags. The filter bag housing has a side entrance and an exit at the bottom, each with a 2 inch internal thread and can be operated with up to 10 bar air pressure. The maximum volume flow is limited to a maximum of 23 m³/h.

• The desired flow rate and the start-stop mechanism can be easily controlled via the compressed air supply. If a valve is closed on the pressure side, the diaphragm pump stops working immediately. In the same way, the pump starts up again automatically when the valve is opened.

• You should only make sure that the suction side is never completely closed or the cross-section is tapered, otherwise the membranes in the pump could break. In addition, the pump only has to be operated with oil-free compressed air.

• The membranes, seals and materials used in the membrane pump can be specifically adapted to the requirements of the medium to be pumped. The selection of suitable filters is just as possible as the replacement of the filter housing. This enables the optimal equipment for almost every application (e.g. also in the food and chemical industry). The transport trolley can also be equipted with the desired material for this purpose.

• Another advantage of mobile diaphragm pumps is their excellent suitability for cleaning processes. Machines and tools in production and maintenance must be cleaned regularly. The mobile pump and filter system is a handy and powerful combination device that facilitates and rationalizes the cleaning process and, as a result, significantly improves the “return on investment”.

• Air operated double diaphragm pump made of aluminium.
• 32 inch stainless steel metal filter system with metal inner basket and 40 micron filter bags.
• Maximum flow rate 23 m³/h.
• Can be used in almost every area of ​​application (for example also in the food and chemical industry).
• The flow rate and the start-stop mechanism are simply controlled via the compressed air supply.

Mobile pump and filter sytem

The compact pump and filter system is mounted on a mobile trolley and is easy to transport. Diaphragm pumps are self-priming and safe to run dry.