Stationary single-column barrel emptying plant with follower plate

Starting point for the stationary single-column barrel emptying plant with follower plate were the own eccentric screw pumps.

This additional special construction by JESSBERGER was delivered to a customer, who wanted to fill a high-viscosity preservative agent from 200 liter barrels by means of a type grease gun with follower plate and a scale in small containers.

The solution proposed by our designers in the field of eccentric screw pumps presented is a stationary single-column barrel emptying plant with follower plate. This plant was designed for the almost complete emptying of medium to high viscosity and viscous media of cylindrical smooth wall or corrugated barrels with 200 liter capacity.

Operating principle

A eccentric screw pump with follower plate and elastic sealing lip is mounted vertically with a boom to a lifting device.

By means of a double-acting pneumatic cylinder the pump is lifted into the upper end position. The barrel to be emptied, is pushed to the bottom plate and centered under the pump and locked.

The pump is then lowered so with the help of the pneumatic cylinder into the barrel until the follower plate touches the surface of the medium.

The air between the barrel edge and medium escapes through a hand-operated vent valve in the follower plate. Once a small amount of medium escaping through the vent valve, the vent valve is closed, the pneumatic cylinder is depressurized and the pump switched on.

The eccentric screw pump with follower plate, submerge by the low pressure produced by the pump, slowly into the barrel. Before reaching the bottom of the barrel the pump is turned off by a magnetic limit switch on the pneumatic cylinder. Thus, a prolonged dry running of the pump is prevented. The remaining residue in the barrel amount is about 1% of the barrel volume.

The pneumatically operated vent valve (pinch), mounted on the follower plate, will supply compressed air from about 0.5 bar between barrel base and follower plate. The resulting lifting force transports the eccentric screw pump as far out from the barrel until the follower plate has reached the barrel edge. Then the vent valve is shut off.

By means of lift cylinder the pump with follower plate is lifted into the upper end position.

Mechanical construction

Vertical eccentric screw pump JP-700.25.2 with gear motor.

Follower plate made ​​of stainless steel 316Ti with sealing lip made of silicone rubber.

Clamping ring with stator cladding tube to coupling of the pump.

Hand-operated vent valve.

Pneumatically actuated vent valve.

Base plate with lifting column made of stainless steel 316Ti.

Truck with pump carrying arm from stainless steel 316Ti.

Double acting pneumatic cylinder.

Pneumatic control

Cabinet with electrical control.

Operation of the barrel emptying plant by keypad

Button UP or DOWN
Pneumatic cylinder moves pump up or doten.

Button Pneumatic Pressureless
Cylinder is depressurized.

Button Pump ON
Pump drive is switched on.

Button Pump OFF
Pump drive is turned off. If the pump is not switched off manually, the drive is (follower plate on the base barrel) automatically shut off by reaching the limit switch to avoid running dry

Button Supply Air ON
Compressed air flows through the vent valve between the base barrel and follower plate.