For oils, transmission fluids, coolants, brake fluids and wiper liquids


• The oval gear meter with electronic counter has been designed to measure motor oils (S.A.E. 5-50), gear oils (S.A.E. 80-240), transmission fluid, coolents (ethylene glycol), brake fluids and wiper fluids. The meter has a modular construction, cost-effective and robust but lightweight.

• The electronic register contains a microprocessor, which is powered by a lithium battery whose operating time depends on application with 5 years or more. The counter can be programmed in liters, pints, quarts or gallons and totaled in liters or gallons. The calibration factor, and a measuring unit are programmed at the factory. If necessary, the meter can be electronically recalibrated locally.

• A 5-digit LCD display shows the dispensed volume of fluid. The counter module is a robust, glass fiber reinforced, impact-proofed nylon housing very wear.


• The oval wheels are brought in rotation by the flow of the medium. Each rotation of the gear displaces a defined volume.Very small tolerances minimize leakage losses and enable very good measuring accuracy. Magnets in the oval wheels activate reed switches and controlling thereby the microprocessor. The counters can show either in liters or US gallons.

• Press „RESET“ before each measurement to reset the totalizer to zero.

• The total amount of fluid which is emitted from the device can be checked regularly by pressing the „TOTAL“ key.

• Warning: If this counter is used for other media or applications, as described herein, this may cause inaccurate readings or meter damage.


• Leakage free magnetic coupling

• Large LCD display

• Display up to two decimal digits

• Calibration button

• Summation in liters and gallons

• Setting in liters, pints, quarts, or gallons

• Battery operating time up to 5 years

• Signal even with low battery

• Register is protected against moisture