If necessary fuel or other hazardous substances must be pumped out or pumped around for safety and environmental reasons with a suitable pump system.

Jessberger has developed a flexible emergency set for this purpose. A suitable air operated diaphragm pump that is housed in a practical, dust and water-proof carrying case together with all the necessary accessories.

The pump is operated safely and reliably with the help of a 200 bar or 300 bar breathing air cylinder, a compressor or the truck compressed air connection. With an output of up to 55 l/min, this pump is easily sufficient for most applications.

• Air operated double diaphragm pump made of cast aluminum or made of polypropylene.
• Very robust and light.
• Flexible area of application.
• Resistant to alkalis and acids (depending on the version, conditionally resistant).
• 500-700 l pumping capacity with one breathing air bottle.
• Stowed away ready for use in a splash-proof, dust-proof and impact-resistant plastic case.

Scope of delivery:

1 piece air operated double diaphragm pump

1 pressure hose 1/2 inch, stainless steel, 2 m long, Kamlock quick release.

1 suction hose 1/2 inch, stainless steel, 2 m long, Kamlock quick release.

1 piece divisible suction lance, 1/2″, stainless steel

1 piece ground wire with clip

2 meter compressed air hose, with quick coupling

1 filter regulator with ball valve for optimal adjustment of the flow rate

1 Jessberger carrying case

Options: Pressure reducer 300 bar for common fire brigade compressed air cylinders

Suction strainer for the suction lance

Connection adapter for truck compressed air connection

5m extension hose, ½”, stainless steel, with camlock connectors