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Hand pumps and drum pump sets for thin media.

We help – drum pumps for disinfectants

In times of the corona virus, the global demand for disinfectants is increasing. As every citizen has been able to determine in the past few weeks, this is largely out of stock in specialist trade or is very expensive to buy.

Many companies have therefore already switched their production to the manufacture of these media, which is sometimes very strongly improvised.

However, disinfectants contain hazardous substances that could result to health risks for employees when in contact with skin or by inhalation of vapors. In addition, many disinfectants contain flammable, volatile substances that have a flash point of less than 55° C and can therefore pose a fire and explosion hazard if not handled properly.

If you take a closer look at the data sheets of disinfectants as a non-chemist, you can see that most media contain ethanol and therefore have a flash point of 20-25 ° C, which corresponds to the room temperature.

The production and filling of such media from 200 liter drums or 1,000 liter IBCs into smaller containers therefore requires utmost care and compliance with very high safety regulations.

The pump used must be electrically conductive and grounded to fill flammable media from drums and containers. Furthermore, the container to be emptied and the container to be filled must be conductively connected to one another so that electrostatic charges can be discharged completely. In addition, when using electrical and mechanical equipment, it must be ensured that no sparking can occur and that the units have the necessary ATEX approval for Ex Zone 0 (for the mechanical part in the barrel) and Ex Zone 1 (for the electric drive, as explosive air-medium mixtures can form outside the barrel).

Since many companies in the current tense situation need such pumps for the production of disinfectants, the Ottobrunner drum pump manufacturer JESSBERGER has agreed to offer such disinfectant producers a total of 10 Ex-proofed drum pump sets worth € 1,500 per pump for the coming weeks on loan and free of charge. The pumps only have to be returned when we have got the Corona crisis under control in Germany. Alternatively, the pumps can also be purchased at absolute special prices. In addition to an explosion-proof, electrical variant, there is also a air operated variant and manual hand pumps in the manufacturer’s production program.

Just yesterday we again provided a barrel pump to a clinic in North Rhine-Westphalia free of charge to pump flammable media.

If we can help you too, please contact us: tj@jesspumpen.de.

Stay healthy, your Tobias Jessberger