Acetone • Alcohol • Ammonia • Gasoline • Flammable solvents • Potassium hydroxide solution • Sodium hydroxide solution • Nitrovarnishes • Perchlorethylene • Phosphoric acid • Sulfuric acid (up to 7.5% and over 90%) • Trichlorethylene • Toluene and many other media.

In addition the stainless steel pump tubes are suitable for transferring thin fluid food such as fruit juices, milk, edible oils and all other at aluminium pump tubes mentioned media.

Pump tube made of Stainless steel 316Ti

Drive shaft made of Stainless steel 316Ti.
Medium temperature 90 or 120°C.

for transferring neutral, slightly aggressive media and especially flammable media like solvents and for use in food industry, Ø 41 mm

Stainless steel = SS pump tubes with Ex-approval, outside Ex-areas max. 90 and 120°C

With stainless steel pump tubes all neutral, low viscous media as organic and inorganic diluted acids and alkalies are mainly pumped. In addition these ATEX compliant pump tubes are used specifically for pumping highly combustible media such as solvents or gasoline and for use in explosive environments.

Suitable for flammable media up to temperature class 4 and use in Ex-zone 0.

The pump tubes in stainless steel with a carbon bearing approved for the food sector are used since many years in the food industry and the beverage industry.

Drive shaft made of stainless steel 316Ti.

Hose connection 1″ included (¾” or 1¼” also possible).

EC type examination certificate number ZELM 09 ATEX 0424X.

Maximum medium temperature 90°C (with PTFE rotor) or 120°C (with stainless steel rotor) outside Ex-areas.