Formic acid (50%) • Ammonia • Boric acid • Distilled water • Fertilizer solutions • Iron II and III-chloride • Acetic acid (80%) • Photo developer • Fruit acids • Potassium hydroxide solution • Copper chloride • Lactic acid • Sodium hydroxide solution • Phosphoric acid • Hydrochloric acid • Hydrobromic acid • Chloric acid • Chromic acid • Hydrofluoric acid • Sulfuric acid up to (90%) • Sodium hypochlorite • Nitric acid and Sulfuric acid 90°C • Hydrogen peroxide • Citric acid and many other media.

Pump tube made of Polyvinylidenefluoride (PVDF)

Drive shaft made of hastelloy 2,4610.
Medium temperature 90°C.

for pumping aggressive media such as highly concentrated acids and alkalies, Ø 41 mm

Polyvinylidene fluoride = PVDF pump tubes up to 90°C

Can be used for aggressive and hardly flammable media.

Especially suitable for aggressive media such as high concentrated acids and alkalies.

Drive shaft made of hastelloy 2,4610.

Hose connection 1″ included (¾” or 1¼” also possible).

Maximum medium temperature 90°C.

Special lengths are available on request with short delivery times.