For special applications with sticky, crystallizing, dirty or solids-containing fluids at which no medium is allowed to flow into inner tube.

Pump tube made of Stainless steel 316Ti

Drive shaft made of Stainless steel 316Ti.
Medium temperature 90°C.

for pumping sticky or crystallizing media

Normally sealless pump tubes can be used for almost all applications. Only with sticky, crystallizing, heavily polluted media or when the container is pre-pressurized pump tubes with mechanical seal are necessarily preferable. These tubes are not allowed to run dry.

EC type examination certificate number ZELM 09 ATEX 0424X Ex II 1/2 G c IIB T4.

Stainless steel 316Ti = SS pump tubes with mechanical seal.

Attention: The pump tubes with mechanical seal are not allowed to run dry.

Suitable for pumping thin fluid to middle viscous media, whether neutral, slightly aggressive or flammable.

The use of a mechanical seal is mandatory when pumping sticky or crystallizing and heavily soiled or solid containing media that prevent the use of a sealless pump tube with carbon bearing.

The mechanical seal used in the pump housing prevents that the pumped medium can flow in the inner tube.

After pumping the sticky or crystallizing media the pump must be absolutely flushed and cleaned (medium temperature up to 90°C with PTFE-rotor).

In contrast to the sealless pump tubes that can be used in 95% of all applications and where dry running because of the construction is not a problem drum pumps with mechanical seal are not allowed to run dry.

Special lengths from 200 mm to 3000 mm are available on request.