JP-700 SR (speed reducer)

Pump tubes for eccentric screw pumps SR

The JP-700 SR with PTFE stator and a special ATEX mechanical seal has a type-examination certificate II ½ G c IIA T4 and can be used for flammable liquids and in explosive environments.


For direct connection to electric universal motors JP-280 respectively JP-480 and to air driven motors JP-AIR 2 and JP-AIR 3.

Suction tube Ø 54 mm, at discharge male thread connection G 1½”.

Optional hose connection 1″, 1¼” or 1½”.

Planetary gear (SR speed reducer) reduces speed from 8.000–12.000 rpm to 550–800 rpm.

Suitable for 200 liter drum with 2″- bung-hole.

All parts of the pump that will get in contact with pumped medium are made of stainless steel or identical to the material of the stator. Shaft seal by stuffing box packing or single acting mechanical seal Chrome/Carbon/FKM. At discharge side male thread R 1½” made of stainless steel