JP-700 SR (speed reducer)

Drive with electric or air operated motor and planetary gear

CHEMICAL PRODUCTS: Paints • Varnishes • Resins • Latex • Silicone • Polymers • etc.

MINERAL OIL PRODUCTS: Oils • Fats • Cutting oils • Refrigerant • etc.

In addition a special version for use in hazardous areas as well as a version for the food industry is available.

Particularly for intermittent operation.

For gentle and almost pulsation free transferring of low viscous to highly viscous, thixotropic, gassy, solids and fibres containing, aggressive and neutral media.

Pump tube will be driven by electric universal or air operated motors.

All pump parts are made of stainless steel 316Ti.

The stators are adapted to the medium and available in NBR, NBR light, FKM, EPDM, EPDM light, PTFE.

Discharge pressure 6 bar at the single-stage and 12 bar with the two-stage pump tubes.

The maximum viscosity of the medium is 10,000 mPas at the SR version.

Medium temperature up to 160°C.

Special lengths up to 2,000 mm on request.

Easy disassembling and therefore optimal cleaning. Weight 12 kg.

Special version for food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical products can be delivered: polished surfaces, either open or encapsulated pin joints, no dead spaces in the pump, easy disassembling and therefore easy cleaning, milk thread connection DN 11851, CIP connections as an option, stator and sealing materials in food grade FDA, also PTFE stators available.


The JP-700 SR with PTFE stator and a special ATEX mechanical seal has a type-examination certificate II ½ G c IIA T4 and can be used for flammable liquids and in explosive environments.

Eccentric screw pump JP-AIR2, JP-AIR3


600 W at max. 6 bar operating pressure, ATEX.
Air operated motor, with starting button on the handle. The motor starts running and the pump is transferring media when the button is presse


400 W at max. 6 bar operating pressure, ATEX.
Air operated motor, stainless steel housing with plug valve at air intake for compressed air control. This regulates the motor speed and varies the pumping capacity.

Eccentric screw pump JP-280, JP-480


825 W Electric motor 230/115 V, 50/60 Hz.
Double insulated class II, splash proofing acc. IP 24. On/off switch, over load protection switch.


825 W Electric motor 230 V,
50/60 Hz.
Splash proofing acc. IP 55. Low voltage release and integrated speed control.