With electric or air operated motor and planetary gear

Standard version suitable for: Sludges • Honey • Pastes • Syrup • Soap • Jams • Shampoos • Ketchup • etc.

In addition, a special version for use in hazardous areas as well as a version for the food industry is available.

The pumps of the series JP-700 DR are versatile, robust and powerful pumps.They are used for pumping thin fluid to highly viscous substances up to 100,000 mPas, preferably used stationary and in continuous operation.

JP-700 DR-Version drive through three-phase, single-phase, gear or air operated motors.

Wide range of accessories such as pump mounting bracket, double-sided handle, bypass or dry running protection available as an option.

The weight of the pump depends on suction tube length and the drive 25-35 kg.

The pump is also available as a food version (see JP-700 SR version) or as a dosing pump (lower flow rate, smaller suction tube diameter).


Drive with three-phase or air operated motor is directly coupled with flexible coupling, beared shaft ball.

Drive with three-phase or air operated motor directly coupled with extended motor shaft.


The JP-700 SR with PTFE stator and a special ATEX mechanical seal has a type-examination certificate II ½ G c IIA T4 and can be used for flammable liquids and in explosive environments.

Three-phase gear motor


230/400 V, 50 Hz, 0,37–2,2 kW
Other flow rates and voltages on request.
Single-phase motor 230 V optional.

Three-phase gear motor

230/400 V, 50 Hz, 0,37–2,2 kW
Reduced speed at high viscosities or for abrasive media, optimal speed for requested flow rate.

Air operated lamellar motor

Air operated lamellar motor

0,5–1,5 kW, 900 rpm at 6 bar
JP-AIR 4 (0,5 KW)
JP-AIR 6 (1,0 kW)
JP-AIR 8 (1,5 KW))