JP-700 PB / JP-700 PS


Cardan joint
Heavy duty, wear-resistant basic joint. The design of this joint guarantees extremely long lifetimes. is encapsulated and filled with lubricant.

Bolt joint (open)
Especially for applications with hygiene requirements. A low quantity of joint parts and the reduction of clearance volume make it possible to clean the pump inside without residue.

Bolt joint (sealed)
For use in special series. It is sealed with an O-ring; a lubrication filling increases the lifetime.


Bearing socket
The drive is connected to the pump by an elastic coupling. Forces are borne by the pump bearing.

Side opening bracket
The drive is directly connected to the pump. This reduces the length of the unit. Forces are borne by the bearing of the drive.

Bearing 1 Wb

Bearing socket

Bearing 1b Wb

Side opening bracket


1 Stator
wide range of elastomer types, vulcanised in steel pipes, also as PTFE.

2 Rotor
different geometries and materials

3 Joints
open and encapsulated, cardan joints and bolt joints.

4 Connections
to all standards, as well as customized solutions.

5 Casing
different materials and variants available.

6 Shaft seals
many seals, mechanical seal as standard.

7 Bearing bracket
maintenance-free ball bearings, robust bearing bracket, drive shaft made of stainless steel.

8 Elastic coupling
connection between drive and pump shaft.

9 Drive
selectable: gear box drive, adjustment mechanism, hydraulic drive, compressed air drive, electric motor, combustion engine.

Const 1b Wb