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flexible Impeller pumps

Manufactured for high durability and ease to use

Our Standard range of Pedestal mounted flexible impeller pumps can be rotated axially and clamped in position to simplify pipe routing and or reverse fluid flow direction.

Pedestal mounted flexible impeller pumps are primarily used in the marine industry as bilge, wash down and engine cooling pumps. Applications include circulating water in bait tanks and use as utility dock side pumps.

Due to their versatile nature the Flexible impeller pumps can be used in many other applications.


All pumps have a unique design.

Most of the pumps which are equivalent to competition are less in weight.

All pumps have as standard mechanical seals. Lip seals are also available on request.

Pumps can be rotated axially to reverse the flow direction for fixed direction of rotation applications; or to simplify installation pipework.

All pumps have a one piece body (integrated cam, no screw, bore hole, less parts).

Because of the integrated cam design, there is a smoother transition from body to cam which prolongs impeller operating time and reducing the number of service items.

Wear plates are easily replaceable during impeller service.

Custom mounting clamp available (nearly impossible for pumps on the common market due to design) even in small quantities. (Please contact us).

All wetted parts are in stainless steel or bronze.

All mechanical seals are in automotive quality (operating time plus 20.000 hours).

Only O-ring seals (no paper gaskets).

The manufacturer can design whatever is needed even in small quantities.




Impellers in Neoprene and Nitrile.

Other materials on request.

Impellers with different numbers of blades.

Impeller for high pressure on request.


The right impeller selection

Neoprene/Nitrile: Extraordinary resistance to oils and greases.

EPDM: For high temperatures and CIP cleaning. Very resistant to acids and alkalis

FKM: For high thermal and chemical resistance.


pump principle


Principle of impeller pumps: To transfer the media a pumping wheel of flexible material rotates in an eccentric constructed casing.

Flexible impeller blades create a near-total vacuum drawing liquid into the pump.

Each impeller blade carries liquid from the inlet to
the outlet.

When the impeller blades contact the cam they bend, pressing liquid out of the pump.


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media examples


Wine • Must • Beer • Fruit • Juice • Honey • Jam • Sugar solution • Glucose • Milk • Butter • Yoghurt • Liquid egg • Oil • Brine • etc

Starch • Adhesives based on water • Emulsions • Glycerins • Wax • Detergents • Latex • Photochemicals • Polyelectrolytes • Colors • Industrial sewage • etc.

Liquid soap • Cleansing lotions • Creams • Shampoos • etc.