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Submersible pump JP-854.DW
for wastewater made of stainless steel

Flow rate up to 54 m³/h
Head up to 22 m


Media-contacting parts made of stainless steel.

Size of solids up to Ø 50 mm.

Impeller made of stainless steel.

Double mechanical seal in oil execution.

Pump-side mechanical seal with silicon carbide contact surfaces for long service life, also for abrasive substances in the pumped medium.

Continuous operation (depending on the water level).


Disposal of sewage and waste water also with fibrous components and solids.

Drainage of commercial objects and underpasses.

Emptying of pump ducts and tanks for leachate and rainwater.

Disposal of grey water from washing machines, dishwashers and showers.

Disposal of waste water from industrial washing machines and dishwashers.

Plant and apparatus engineering, industrial application.



– DW75 (0.55 kW) – Impeller diameter: 92
– DW100 (0.75 kW) – Impeller diameter: 99
– DW150 (1.1 kW) – Impeller diameter: 106
– DW200 (1.5 kW) – Impeller diameter: 114
– DW300 (2.2 kW) – Impeller diameter: 125


– DW VOX 75 (0.55 kW) – Impeller diameter: 88
– DW VOX 100 (0.75 kW) – Impeller diameter: 88
– DW VOX 150 (1.1 kW) – Impeller diameter: 95
– DW VOX 200 (1.5 kW) – Impeller diameter: 103
– DW VOX 300 (2.2 kW) – Impeller diameter: 116.5

Special versions

Oil-resistant version:
with oil-resistant float switch, type N
with oil-resistant cable H07BQ-F, 3 x 1,5 mm²
Version JP-853.R 75-100 MA: Order-No. 6000001183 + 6000001169

Flange connection DN 50 with foot for single mounting JP-854.DW/DW VOX:
– Pump with flange connection DN 50 (PN10)
– Pump casing with foot for single mounting
Version JP-854.DW/ VOX: Order No. 251420988

Flange connection DN 50 without foot for single mounting JP-854.DWFZ/DWFZ VOX:
– Pump with flange connection DN 50 (PN10)
– Pump casing without foot for installation kit
Version JP-854.DWFZ/DWFZ VOX: Order No. 251420989

Installation kit for duct installation (stainless steel)
– with coupling foot, guide piece with flange, bracket for guide tube 3/4″ stainless steel screws and seals
Version JP-854.DWFZ/DWFZ VOX: Order No.369210235


Technical data:
Pumping data
Pumping medium Sewage / waste water
Temperature max. 40°C
Suction depth max. 10 m
Solids 50 mm
Impeller VORTEX impeller (VOX)
Single channel impeller (DW)
Shaft seal Double mechanical seal with oil receiver
Bearing Sealed ball bearings
Pressure port Standard 2″ internal thread (DW/VOX)
Optional: DN 50 (DW/DWF VOX)
Outer casing Stainless steel 316Ti
Inner casing Stainless steel 316Ti
Strainer Stainless steel 316Ti
Impeller Stainless steel 316Ti
Pump shaft Stainless steel 1.4305
Mechanical seal Pump side: SiC/SiC
Motor side: Carbon/Ceramic
O-rings NBR
Seal carrier Stainless steel 316Ti
Motor distance ring Cast iron (DW/DW VOX 300)
Cable entry Stainless steel 316Ti
JP-854.DW/-DW VOX 10 m mains cable FG 50 K
JP-854.DW/ -DW VOX M/MA 10 m mains cable H05RN-F with plug
AC 1∼230V +/- 10%, 50 Hz, ISO F, 2 poles
Three phase 3∼400V +/- 10%, 50 Hz, ISO F, 2-poles
Protection class IP 68
Continuous operation Depending on the water level
Motor protection
AC Internal thermal protection switch
Three phase On site (thermo sensor integrated for Connection to external motor protection)
JP-854.DW/-DW VOX Submersible pump with 10 m mains cable.
JP-854.DW/-DW VOX M Submersible motor pump with 10 m mains cable and plug.
JP-854.DW/-DW VOX MA Submersible motor pump with 10 m mains cable, plug and float switch.

Type code
Version Flange AC Performance key Float switch
F M z. B. 100 A
DW: Channel impeller
DW/VOX: VORTEX impeller
Technical data: Power
AC Three-phase current Power kW Power input kW Capacitor µF Power consumption A
230 V 400 V   230 V 400 V 230 V 230 V 400 V
      DW/VOX DW/VOX     DW/VOX
JP-854.DW/ -VOX 75/A JP-854.DW/-VOX 75 0,55 0,90/0,88 0,85/0,80 20,0 3,9 1,5/1,4
JP-854.DW/ -VOX 100/A JP-854.DW/-VOX 100 0,75 1,28/1,25 1,19/1,18 25,0 5,9 2,1
JP-854.DW/ -VOX 150/A JP-854.DW/-VOX 150 1,1 1,57/1,58 1,55/1,57 31,5 7,3 2,8
  JP-854.DW/-VOX 200 1,5   2,08/1,92     3,6/3,3
  JP-854.DW/-VOX 300 2,2   2,90/2,40     5,0/4,4