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Laboratory pumps

Electric or air operated laboratory pumps with pump tubes made of polypropylene (Ø 25, 28 or 32 mm), stainless steel 1.4571 (Ø 28 or 32 mm) or PVDF (Ø 32 mm).


Laboratory pumps are the economical and safe solution for filling and transferring small quantities of acids and alkalis.

Features laboratory pumps


With a weight of just 3 to 4 kg and easy use, the laboratory pumps can be applied to transfer smaller quantities of liquids.

Universal electric Motor
JP-120, JP-140

The motor is useable for low-viscous, neutral and non-flammable liquids in connection with pump tubes for laboratory and drum pumps.

Air operated Motor Jp-Air 1

The speed of the motor can be controlled by the compressed air supply and thus the flow rate can be adjusted.

Laboratory pump Tubes

for transferring small quantities of small opening containers and canisters. Materials polypropylene, stainless steel

Laboratory pumps with electric  Motors jP-120 and JP-140

Handy and easy transport due to the low total weight.

Laboratory pump jP-AIR 1

Optimal container emptying through different pump tube lengths and diameters.

Laboratory pump sets with electric and air operated motor

Perfect helpers for quick and safe transfer and decanting when emptying containers and drums.

Accessories Laboratory pumps

Extensive accessories such as drum and thread adapter, media-resistant hoses, nozzles, wall hanger or flow meters.