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SCS Speed Control System for electronic gear pumps

The electronic speed control panel SCS allows remote monitoring of the pump operation and interaction with the pump. Operating status and media flow can be checked. Switch „ON“ and „OFF“ by pressing a button.

By pressing the buttons more times „LOW“ or „HIGH“, you can set the motor speed according to the viscosity of the transferred medium and avoid problems such as cavitation and overheating.

If there is no media or overload, you can reset the alarm and restart the system without turning off the power.

The LED intensity on the panel is editable and can be set in 8 levels.

The panel can be mounted in a circular cut-out with a diameter of 70 mm or mounted on an external device by fixing the provided square box with two screws.

For operation, simply connect the panel to the pump with the supplied 3 m cord or other 4-wire telephone cable and double termination RJ11 / 6.

On the back of the panel is a terminal block that allows you to reproduce the buttons and LEDs and functions of the panel on an external device.

Accessories: RJ11 Black cable with coupler for SCS / PCS.


Technical data:
Model JP-SCS
Spannung 12/24 V
Mounting Ø 70 mm
Anschluss RJ11
IP-Schutzart 65
Größe 80 x 80 x 46 mm