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Eccentric screw pumps

For pumping high-viscous, still flowable media, we offer a complete range of eccentric screw pumps.


With electric motor or air operated motor, they are used to transfer thin liquids and viscous substances up to 100,000 mPas, preferably stationary, used in continuous operation.

Features eccentric screw pump


The flow rates are standard at 12, 25 or 50 liters/min, thefunding pressures on 6 or 12 bar.

The pump tubes are made of stainless steel 316Ti, the stators of NBR, NBR light, FKM, EPDM, EPDM light or PTFE.

Eccentric screw pumps

For the conserving and pulsation-free transfer of thin and high viscous, thixotropic, gaseous, solid and fibrous, aggressive and neutral media.

Eccentric screw pumps
JP-700 DR

The pumps are versatile, robust and powerful. They are used to convey low-viscous to high-viscous substances up to 100,000 mPas.

Eccentric screw pumps 
JP-700.80, -.200, -300

Can be used with three-phase or pneumatic motor, directly coupled with extended motor shaft.

HORIZONTAL Eccentric screw PUMP
JP-700 H / -HL

For the conserving and pulsation-free transfer of thin and high viscous, thixotropic, gaseous, solid and fibrous, aggressive and neutral median.

Dosing pumps

Type JP-7032 up to JP-7120.2 almost pulsation free transport and small quantity dosing of thin to high viscous, thixotropic, gaseous, solids and fibres containing, aggressive and neutral media in nearly all industries

Block pumps

Based on the usual types we can quote many special pump versions. Especially for industry that converts fruits or the viniculture we can deliver pumps with hopper housing and feed screw.

Eccentric screw pumps
JP-700 PB / -PS

For pumping thin to high viscous, thixotropic, solid and fibrous, aggressive and neutral media in almost all branches of industry,
agriculture and biogas industries.

Dry running protection

The dry running protection prevents operation or start of the pump without medium. The operation of the pump does not start until the medium is reliably transferred.

Spare parts eccentric screw  pumps

We are pleased to support you by your purchase of spare and wear parts for eccentric screw pumps.

Multi-cOmponent dosing system

Numerous customers from the food sector, as well as the packaging and chemical industries want to decant liquids not only from barrels or containers, but to fill these precisely in small containers..

MOBILE empying plant

With an eccentric screw pump barrels of high-viscous media can be emptied quickly, safely and semi-automatically.

Stationary emptying plant

The plant is designed for almost complete emptying of medium to high-viscous and pasty media from cylindrical smooth-walled or beaded drums with a capacity of 200 liters.

Bottling plant with hopper

Manual feed of the bottles, cups or cans. Plant with a funnel-shaped storage container for filling in bottles, cups or cans also bases upon the principle of eccentric screw pumps.