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Filling plant for drum pumps

Made of stainless steel 316Ti for various media

Since autumn 2014 JESSBERGER also delivers semi-automatic filling plants of stainless steel 316Ti, which can be combined with the own electric or air operated drum and container pumps or vertical and horizontal eccentric screw pumps. It have been designed for the accurate filling of cans or drums

Because of these comprehensive solutions, it is now possible for manufacturers of chemicals or for high risk material centers to fill for example, 30 kg containers automatically by pressing a button almost to the last gram.

The construction of this filling and dosing systems for the drum pump area and the programming of the control system, was carried out by the own technicians at the company headquarters in Ottobrunn.


The semi-automatic filling plant made of stainless steel 316Ti is suitable for filling different media from drums or IBC containers into smaller packages.

Filling is controlled by a scale. After the required quantity has been set on the evaluation unit, the filling process can be started. The filling process is automatically finished when the set quantity has been attained.

Fast filling at the push of a button.

Very high repeatability.

Adjustable to different container sizes.

Flexible design and expandable due to a modular system.

Universal useable with all suitable pump types.

After another empty container has been placed on the scale, the filling process can be repeated.