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Drum pump-Sets ALU

From JESSBERGER are the perfect assistents for fast and safe filling and transferring or emptying of drums and containers

Drum pump sets ALU are suitable for neutral and hardly combustible liquids. With these pump tubes particularly mineral oil products up to a maximum viscosity of 1.000 mPas will be transferred.

Drum pump, hose and pump nozzle were perfectly matched based on our decades of experience and guarantee therefore an immediate usability and durability of our drum pumps.

Each of our drum pump sets consists of an electric or air operated drum pump motor, a pump tube suitable for the application, two meter media-proof dispensing hose and a nozzle, which facilitates filling and transferring.

Outside of hazardous areas you can combine each pump tube with each drum pump motor and corresponding accessories and therefore select the a individual drum pump set from JESSBERGER.

Drum pump set with electric motor for mineral oil products such as oils, diesel and antifreeze

JP-280 ALU Universal motor 230 or 115 V, 50/60 Hz, 825 W, splash protection to IP 24, double insulated class II, over load protection switch with low voltage release, 5 m cable with plug

Pump tube:
Aluminium, outer-Ø 41 mm, shaft stainless steel
Connection thread G 1¼”
Hose connection 1″ (DN 25)

2 m Mineral oil hose 1″ (DN 25)
2 Hose clamps stainless steel
1 Nozzle aluminium 1″

Operating data JP-280
Flow rate (with hose and
oval gear meter)
Ø 41 mm up to 112 l/min* (Rotor)
Ø 41 mm up to 83 l/min* (Impeller)
Head Ø 41 mm up to 16 m* (Rotor)
Ø 41 mm up to 37 m* (Impeller)
Viscosity up to 1000 mPas*
Density up to 1,9*

* All physical data are real measured maximum values.
* Test medium water 20 °C, 2 m pressure pipe 1″,
oval gear meter 1″, measured values: ± 5%
Attention: When using a nozzle, the flow rate is reduced to app. 60-80 l/min (depends on the pump and application).

Set with pump tube 1000 mm Order No.
230 V
1281 4111
115 V 1282 4111