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According on the application and media, different hand pumps, drum pumps, diaphragm pumps, eccentric screw pumps or centrifugal pumps can be used.


Hand pumps and laboratory pumps are well suited for the safe transfer of small quantities  acids and alkalis.

In addition to drum pumps and centrifugal pumps for low viscous and medium viscous media up to 1000 mPas, eccentric screw pumps can be used to transfer high viscous, still flowable media.


For flammable media and for use in potentially explosive environments, explosion-proof pumps can be supplied with the corresponding accessories.

Multi-component filling and dosing systems are used for dispending low-viscous to medium-viscous media. Mobile as well as stationary drum emptying stations enable a gentle and almost pulsation-free transfer.

Mineral oil products

For neutral and hardly flammable media and especially mineral oil products.

Mixing media

Mixed pump tubes for applications where liquids are mixed and pumped in drums and containers.

Sticky, crystalline substances

Pumping tubes made of stainless steel with mechanical seal.

viscous media

Eccentric screw pumps for a gentle and almost pulsation-free transfer of low viscous to medium viscous media.

complete emptying of drums

With pump tubes made of stainless steel for emptying, media can be removed almost complete from drums and containers.