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Air operated diaphragm pumps

Diaphragm pumps are characterized by high operational safety, as well as their diversity.

The air-operated diaphragm pumps can be used for almost any low to high viscosity media, whether neutral or aggressive, whether flammable or abrasive, with or without solids, whether used with or without gas components.

A wide range of different pump materials ensures optimum chemical resistance to the media be pumped, and the optimum thermal resistance with a view to the liquid or ambient temperature.

Because of their design principle, the air operated diaphragm pumps are qualified for a variety of difficult applications, especially in damp or hazardous locations.


A = Balls, ball seats, O-rings
B = Pumping chamber
C1 = Product-side diaphragm
C2 = Air-side diaphragm
D = Suction connection
E = Delivery connection
F = Pneumatic exchanger

The pumping principle of diaphragm pumps

is proven for decades and is suitable for most applications.

The diaphragm pumps are among the group of positive displacement pumps. They are powered by an air motor. By the motor the two membranes, that are interconnected by a pump shaft, are moved back and forth by the compressed air with is introduced alternately into the air chambers behind the membranes. The switching process takes place automatically by a control valve, that switches if a membrane has reached the end position.

While the diaphragm on the one side of the pump shaft displaces the medium through the introduced compressed air, the membrane simultaneously creates a negative pressure on the other side. As a result, new medium flows into the pump chamber and is also displaced in the next pump cycle. The pump chamber, in which the medium is located, is alternately closed and opened by the ball valves (consisting of: balls, ball sockets and O-rings in different materials).

Different materials as well as our decades of experience in the pump division guarantees high reliability and long life of the pump.

Versions, accessories

The casings of most diaphragm pumps are available in PP, PVDF, aluminium and stainless steel.

In addition to a series with an approval for Ex Zone 2, we can also offer you another with ATEX certification for Ex Zone 1.

Accessories for air operated pumps such as hose connections, hoses or pulsation dampeners are available.





Pumping of aggressive and flammable substances, viscous liquids also with solids and media containing gas.

Especially suitable for use in hazardous areas (ATEX certification).

Reliability even at high humidity.

Adjustable flow rate and head via air pressure.

Suitable for continuous operation.

Dry-running without any problems.

Dry self-priming.

Flow rate and head can be adjusted by the compressed air.

Three suction and delivery connections.

Operation with non-lubricated air.

Manifolds can be separated. Therefore two different media can be pumped at the same time.

Easy replacement of spare parts and maintenance by your service department.