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The good reputation and the success of our company in drum pump business

is based on a close and trustful relationship to our customers, suppliers and distributors, a rounded up pump program with first-class quality at an attractive price and motivated employees who are working with us since many years and have experience in pump business since many decades.

Following principles have therefore become crucial for the acting and the competitiveness of JESSBERGER GmbH:

The customer and employee in the focus of our interests

When we talk about our business philosophy we have to talk in fact about our customers and employees. Their expectations and long-term satisfaction are the epicentre of all our actions.

Primarily we want to have satisfied customers and despite our company growth we still want to be able to take care regarding the needs of each customer – independent from the circumstance whether he needs only a spare part or a hand pump or has a larger and regular demand for pumps.

A continuous training and further education of our commercial employees and blue-collar workers in our assembling and production area ensures that they can develop freely. Regular meetings of our department heads and discussions of the company owners with their workers are helping them to identify with their daily work and the goals of our company.

As a family owned company we attach in all our actings with our customers, suppliers, employees and sales partners a great importance to fairness, partnership, sustainability and reliability.

Quality of our pumps not only written on a paper

Since the beginning of our own activities in 2003 our company has been certified conform to the quality management system ISO 9001. The expected quality by our customers has become the measure of quality in all sections of our company. Quality means for us to know the defined needs of our customers, to realize them in an optimal way in our internal procedures and processes, and to fulfill them in respect of the success of our company and the environment. The pumps we produce in that way can therefore be delivered in our usual quality and reliability to the end users or distributors.



By shifting the responsibility for the quality of our products on the respective areas of responsibility we want to ensure that errors are avoided already there where they may occur. The company’s management and our executive managers bring forward with such personal measures the awareness for quality and environmental at all sections and motivate their colleagues to personal responsibility and environmental awareness. Continuous controls, the transaction of internal audits and subsequent improvement processes ensure a maximum flexibility in all areas of our company and a consistent high quality of our products. In addition we inform our employees about all internal and legal changes and innovations.

Beyond the requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and ATEX 2014/34/EU we observe the applicable laws and regulations. Within the bounds of our opportunities we strive for an economically reasonable and environmentally friendly acting. Regarding the production of our drum pumps and development of new products we are guided by state-of-the-art of science and technology and the latest cognition of our research and development department.

A liveable environment for our children

Although our company is not certified to ISO 14001 the protection of the environment is an integral part of all our actions. In order that our living space remains attractive also for future generations our employees and we effort for the greatest possible protection of the environment and a conscious use of natural resources. We believe that an environmentally friendly action is as important as the economic growth and success of our company.

Respecting other people and the environment as well as an absolute quality awareness shape therefore our activities.


Safe small quantity filling of highly concentrated media

The pump manufacturer JESSBERGER has expanded its program with a PVDF laboratory pump. Small quantities of chlorine- and fluorine-containing media can be transferred easily, quickly and safely with this chemical drum pump.
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A smart drum and container pump

What do a barrel pump and a smartphone have in common? At ACHEMA we could introduce this innovation.
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Inform yourself about the world’s first drum pump that implements the Industry 4.0 standard so that pumps can be interlinked in the future with state-of-the-art information and communication technology. The driving force behind the new development was the increasing digitization in society, which also influences the production.

The intelligent drum pump provides the user with all relevant operating data of the pump in real time and saves it. In addition the user can retrieve all product data sheets such as leaflets, spare parts lists, operating instructions and chemical resistance lists as well as the entire pump history at any time on the smartphone, tablet or laptop.

The user is thus enabled to closely monitor and archive the entire filling processes and pumps.

Drinking Water Hand Pump
in Africa

While over here is no need to worry about whether water is available for drinking 24 hours a day, there are regions in the world where clean drinking water is absolutely not self-evident.
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In June 2016, our company made a first acquisition in the field of pumps and acquired the business and tools for the following hand pumps.
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The new electrical Ex-motors in 400, 600 and 800 watts are approved according to the latest standards (ATEX directive 2014/34/EC as well as IECEx) and offer in combination with a stainless steel pump tube the highest safety when pumping flammable media or use in hazardous environments.
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