Magnetically coupled sealless centrifugal pumps


made of Polypropylene and PVDF

Especially suitable for transferring
• high aggressive and corrosive liquids
• toxic, noxious and carcinogenic media
Materials of construction
• Polypropylene
Industries served
Chemical and petrochemical industry, galvanic industry, photo
industry, semiconductor industry, laboratories, food processing,
engine building industry, water and waste water treatment
Applications for OEMs
Machines for etching and cleaning, refrigerating machines, medical
machines, solar systems


made of Stainless steel

Especially suitable for transferring
• corrosive, toxic, noxious and carcinogenic media
• hydrocarbon fluids, self-igniting and other flammable media
(ATEX version)
• heat transfer oils
• cooling liquids and refrigerating media
• radioactive liquids
Materials of construction
Stainless Steel
Industries served
Chemical and petrochemical industry, pharmaceutical industry,
paper mills, textile industry, food processing, sugar plants, dairies,
electronics companies, water treatment plants, power plants and
many other sectors of industry
Technical information

At magnetically coupled pumps motor and pump are totally
separated. The drive mechanism of the pump results from a contactless
transmission of energy via magnets.

Based on the construction of the magnetic driven pump the
pump housing is hermetically closed. This guarantees an high
reliability of operation and a long life time of the pump.

• Sealless construction
• No problems of leakage
• Space saving and robust construction
• Absolute reliability of operation
• Suitability for continuous working
• High efficiency
• High chemical as well as thermical resistance
• Optimal cost-performance ratio
• Environmental design
• Multi-purpose applicability
• Easy maintenance

Materials of construction
Used materials of JESSBERGER magnetically coupled centrifugal
pumps stand out by their high chemical and thermical resistance
and guarantee a long life time.

Pump housing and impeller made of PP or PVDF
Static shaft made of Al2O3
Bushings made of PTFE (carbon filled)

Pump housing made of Stainless Steel
All materials that get in contact with the liquid are made of SS,
EPDM, Viton, Carbon/ PTFE
Shaft made of Hastelloy C-276